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A community that works together grows together!

We built a software company as we dreamt of – a safe place to grow, explore, and to enjoy life, with countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.
We understand the importance of trust in building solid relationships. That’s why we prioritize trust, stability, and meaning in all our actions, projects, and interactions. We are DevNest, a community that empowers growth, success, and well-being.

We are #PeopleOfDevNest

Free and autonomous

We work in an autonomous, open-minded environment with an eclectic, diverse tech stack, projects, and client portfolios.


We’re in this together, right? We all get things done together. Our word is sacred, and we’re committing to keeping it. 

Empowering people is everything for our company culture. As a result, people here are more inspired, creative and engaged in work and life.

Celebrating success together

We’ve created a culture of trust and fairness in which recognition is vital.

We value merit, hard work and dedication and recognise them with fair performance rewards and recognition. We strive to create a work environment where everyone feels motivated and appreciated. 

Straight forward

Our unique, open, and democratic work environment ensures that everyone’s voice matters and has an impact. Our professional mantra is respect.

We don’t rely on specific hierarchies; quite the opposite. Our management is right in the middle of everything – lunches, parties, and board game nights.


We believe that happy people make all the difference in the world.  

We take our professional commitments seriously but still ensure plenty of time for a good laugh or two. We thrive when we get together, so we do it as often as possible. Team lunches, parties, team buildings, and outdoor experiences are all in the mix.

Perks of Being a DevNester

  • We’re up to date with industry salaries
  • You can work from anywhere you want
  • Home office set-up support
  • Private health insurance
  • Various projects -Fintech, Payments, Production, Gambling, Fashion, Education, HR and others
  • A non-corporate working environment
  • Access to different learning platforms
  • A team of inspiring people and talented professionals
  • A B2B collaboration – we’re open to PFA/SRLs
  • Professional and personal support

Job Openings


Here at DevNest, I’ve learned about ownership and accountability. It comes hand in hand with success, recognition, and joy, but also with many sacrifices. DevNest is a place where we celebrate success together. Achievements are seen and appreciated. Personal skills, background, commitment, and professional training are recognized and highly valued here.

Teodora Andrieș – Head of Marketing, DevNest

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