5 years and counting

Around this time, five years ago, a handful of people assembled desks, set up computers, and drilled holes in the walls to mount TVs. Those early days defined DevNest. Those people came together and built from scratch a whole new experience for those to come.

Today, we celebrate five years during which we jump to support each other whenever needed, whether for professional or personal help. We build together and grow to have the mental and emotional space to enjoy everything we have achieved. When we chose these three verbs as our slogan – grow, build, enjoy – , we chose them with purpose and meaning because they speak to our deepest values.

Writing about DevNest means writing about people and their stories. We are the sum of the stories we live. We never wanted to be just another tech company. We wanted to do things differently—open, informal, without layers of power. We wanted to grow organically and for those who join us to believe in the same things as the founders of DevNest—professional maturity, independence, accountability, ease and sharpness in thinking, and an infinite capacity to enjoy life.

I must admit that the beginning was quite tricky, but only some would have successfully navigated everything the past 5 years have entailed as a small, fledgling company. For me, the first work retreat will always be memorable, where I met Catalin and truly understood what it means to be part of a team that knows how to have fun, where roles are used for organization and planning, not for control ;).

What I love most about DevNest is that we have leaders who inspire and create an environment conducive to personal and professional growth. We take things seriously and strive to improve, but we also know how to have fun and relax when needed. Work-life balance for the win! (Diana – Project Manager)

From the beginning, we have come to live what we imagined – a different work experience that does not put unnecessary pressure on people and allows them to have the life they want. 

People are everything in a story, and the story cannot exist without them, in good times and bad.

Today marks a significant milestone for DevNest– our 5th anniversary! Over the past five years, we’ve navigated every challenge, always sticking together through thick and thin. We’ve proven that we’re all in the same boat, always having each other’s backs. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been the best because of the incredible people who make up our team. We’ve faced every obstacle head-on, and together, we’ve become stronger. Here’s to many more years of shared success, resilience, and growth. Thank you to everyone for your support and dedication. Cheers to our continued journey! (Stejara – COO)

At the beginning of one of our most important partnerships, we had to write a text to describe DevNest in a few sentences. Here they are:  We all grew up with the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. At DevNest, the answer is “anything”, because that is exactly what we are: a place full of opportunities, built transparently, with people at the center of all our actions. 

We continue to do so, day by day.

Be the change. Be proactive, not reactive. Be whomever you want to. Become whatever you want to. It is okay to mess things up; it’s part of the growing process. We’ll celebrate the small and the big things together. We’ll be here one for another. We’ll do things our way. Happy 5, #PeopleOfDevNest! Thank you for being part of our story! (Catalin – CEO)

We are DevNest, and our journey has only just begun!