A journey to a highly scalable and reliable fintech platform

Emerging local payment methods and open banking to international merchants via one simple integration and a smooth onboarding process.

About the project

Macropay is a Fintech company that offers local payment methods and banking solutions. The innovative payment platform connects international merchants with reliable partner processors. Nowadays, Macropay is a leading European company pioneering in the open banking space with nearly 1,200 bank connections.

The Challenge

When we embarked on the journey with Macropay, we encountered a business facing significant challenges in its infrastructure and processes from a tech product perspective.
The payment gateway system needed to be updated, and financial processes needed to be more efficient.

  • Legacy Infrastructure
    Operating on outdated technology with limited scalability.
  • Manual Processes
    Manual deployments and settlements were time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Client Onboarding Delays
    The onboarding process for new clients and acquirers was cumbersome, leading to client dissatisfaction.
  • Complex Payouts
    Managing settlements and payouts was complex and required a time-consuming 2-day manual effort.

The Solution

Infrastructure Overhaul

Modernized Infrastructure
We modernized the infrastructure by introducing advanced AWS services, including load
balancing, auto-scaling, and robust monitoring capabilities.
Microservices Architecture
We transitioned from a monolithic architecture to a microservices-based system,
enhancing flexibility and scalability.
Efficient Deployments
Implemented CI/CD pipelines for automated deployments, reducing errors and accelerating

Open Banking Solution

In less than nine months, we’ve designed, implemented, tested, and released a reliable
open banking solution in which the payments are account-to-account, with upgraded
European Focus
Expanded its reach by developing a tailored open banking solution, primarily focusing on
the European market, specifically the Nordic countries.
Multi-Bank Integration
We provided the business with a unified terminal model seamlessly integrated with multiple
banks, simplifying transactions.

In-House Payout System

We designed and implemented an in-house payouts system that automated settlements
and client payouts, eliminating the need for a 2-day manual process.
Routing Logic
We addressed the complexity of routing logic, resulting in more accurate and efficient
payout operations.

Back Office Enhancement

Enhanced Risk Management
The new back office system includes advanced risk management tools, improving security
and fraud detection.
Streamlined Accounting
Streamlined accounting processes, making financial tracking and reporting more efficient.
Improved Customer Service
The enhanced back office tools improved customer service, increasing client satisfaction.
Simplified Settlements & Reconciliation
The new payout system simplified settlements and reconciliations, reducing errors.

Project Highlights

  • AWS Infrastructure
    The entire infrastructure was revamped with advanced AWS services for scalability and reliability.
  • Microservices
    We transitioned from a monolithic to a microservices architecture, enhancing agility.
  • CI/CD Pipeline
    Automated deployment pipelines were introduced for faster, error-free releases.
  • Open Banking
    A specialized open banking solution was developed to cater to the European market.
  • In-House Payouts
    An in-house payout system automated settlements and payouts.
  • Integration
    Integrated with multiple payment service providers for greater flexibility.
  • Back Office
    A more comprehensive back-office solution to improve risk management, accounting, customer service, compliance reporting, and settlements.

The Outcome

Revenue Surge
The company’s monthly revenue and traffic experienced a threefold increase
in less than 1.5 years.

Operational Efficiency
Internal and external processes were optimized, reducing onboarding time and manual efforts.

Enhanced Risk Management
Improved the company’s security and fraud prevention capabilities.

The scalable infrastructure positioned Macropay for sustainable growth and innovation.